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Glassy building to start filling in corner of LaSalle and Huron

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Cedar Street Cos. has received the green light to begin constructing a new eight-story building at the site

The southwest corner of LaSalle and Huron will start taking shape as workers move on to constructing a new glassy addition for a new development from Cedar Street Cos. This week, the developer was granted a permit to begin work on the new eight-story building’s foundation and basement levels.

Workers were first spotted on the site a year ago performing soil sampling activities. Several months later, the developer received its first major permit to begin converting the existing office building into apartments.

The plan, which includes an existing building on Huron, will ultimately deliver 149 apartments, 10,000 square feet of ground level retail space, and just 31 parking spaces to the River North area. Despite the high density of the development, Cedar Street reps have repeatedly disputed the description of the units as “micro apartments.”