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Classic Chicago two-bedroom in Albany Park rents for $1,250

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This charming apartment features a lovely backyard and free heat


When talking to your friends in New York and Los Angeles about apartments and the rising cost of rent and how hard it is for them to find a place, just send this listing to them. Their immediate response will likely be surprise at how much space you’re getting for the price, and the second reaction will be them questioning their decision to live in a city with such ungodly rent costs. You’d basically have to spend double the amount to get a one-bedroom in one of the trendier parts of New York.

But this one is also worth sharing because it is so representative of what a classic Chicago apartment is. Look at the original molding, the built-ins, the old radiators (which always translates to free heat), and the back porch and stairwell. We’ve all lived in or had friends who lived in an apartment just like this one. Sure, there’s no granite countertops and there’s no jacuzzi tub, but this one has something better than all of that: character. It has character and it has charm and it has a very nice little landscaped garden area in the backyard for hanging out in and it can be yours for $1,250 per month.