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Oddball contemporary mansion in Logan Square tries $899K

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Built right before the recession hit, this home epitomizes the housing bubble of the last decade

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This spacious mansion with four bedrooms and three bathrooms celebrates a big milestone this year—it turns a full ten years old. A lot has changed in the time since this home was built, like the mortgage crisis of 2008 for example. The big, gaudy home lacks refinement, but it is certainly representative of a time when showing off wealth with flashy vehicles, clothes, and homes was in vogue.

On the outside, the mansion has an unwelcoming, almost ominous look to it. Like a curled up armadillo, the blank walls of the exterior facade say, “Don’t you dare come near me.” The interior looks like a nightclub after the party ended in 2008 when the housing bubble finally went bust. In a way, it’s basically a time capsule piece that leaves a sour taste in your mouth and a sting in your eyes, but maybe in another ten years we might learn to appreciate it more for what it is. The same can’t be said for its big fortress brother next door however.

If you so wish to preserve this piece of Bush-era architecture and its interior decor, it can be yours for $899,000.