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After a year of delay, this Gold Coast row house project is finally ready to rise

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The new development comes from billionaire philanthropist and preservationist Jennifer Pritzker

Booth Hansen

A plan to bring a collection of new high-end row houses to a vacant lot at the corner of Clark and Chestnut looks to finally be moving again. After roughly one year of inactivity, the site has been granted a building permit to revise its already built foundation to now accommodate seven—instead of the previously announced eight— faux-historic stone residences.

The townhomes come from Col. Jennifer Pritzker's Tawani Enterprises and design architect Booth Hansen. The project broke ground in December of 2015, but has since not progressed beyond the aforementioned foundation pit. In the meantime, neighboring developments such as the 31-story Aurélien apartment tower and the Lakeshore LDS Meetinghouse have rocketed skyward.

Last we heard, the new homes at 111 W. Chestnut will be marketed as rentals. Given consumer preferences and the recent boom in the downtown rental segment, this somewhat unusual choice is not entirely surprising. Originally slated to be ready by spring of 2017, it’s pretty clear that the project’s initial timeline has slipped.

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