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Target taking over former Lakeview Whole Foods location on Ashland

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The new Lakeview Target location for Ashland will open in October

Courtesy of Target

As Whole Foods gears up for the opening of its newer and larger space at Ashland, Belmont, and Lincoln avenues, plans are in place for what will become of its current store at 3300 N. Ashland. According to a press release from the Minneapolis-based retailer, Target says that it plans on opening in the 31,000-square-foot storefront location on Ashland in October.

The new location will be one of Target’s scaled-down “flexible format” stores that the company has been opening in denser urban neighborhoods. But the plan for the new Lakeview location isn’t the only store that Target will be opening in the Chicago area in upcoming months. On tap is a new location at Belmont and Clark opening in July, a new store for Skokie opening in October, an Oak Park location also opening in October, and a proposed store for Rogers Park.

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