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Massive concrete pour scheduled this weekend for Chicago’s Vista Tower project

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The so-called “mat pour” for the supertall skyscraper will require hundreds of truck trips

Photos by Harry Carmichael

Rendering via Studio Gang

With underground caisson drilling wrapped up and a pair of tower cranes installed, workers building the 1,186-foot Vista Tower in Lake Shore East have shifted their focus towards constructing the skyscraper’s super-sized concrete slab-like foundation or “mat.” Over the weekend—most likely on Saturday—a massive rebar cage will be topped-off with 4,000 cubic yards of the thick gray gunk, according to the construction-watchers at

The process is expected take literally hundreds of truckloads to complete as workers man powerful pumps mated to long moveable arms to transfer said concrete from idling trucks to Vista’s future load-bearing base. While most Chicagoans will be filling their Saturday with normal weekend stuff, expect more than a few skyscraper fans and engineering buffs to be on-hand to document the carefully choreographed operation.

The foundation will eventually support the Vista’s planned 406 luxury condos, 192-room five-star hotel, and a 345-vehicle parking garage. The $1 billion project is a joint venture between Chicago’s Magellan Development and partner Dalian Wanda Group, China’s single largest real estate company. Designed by Chicago-based Studio Gang with help from bKL Architecture, Vista will become the Windy City’s third tallest building when completed in 2020.

Harry Carmichael
Harry Carmichael
Harry Carmichael
Harry Carmichael