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Beat the elements and enjoy the Chicago Riverwalk from your own private ‘River Dome’

The climate-controlled, riverfront geodesic bubbles will be available for rent starting March 17th

Image via City Winery

Even if Chicago’s recent warm spell was nothing more than a short-lived fluke, there’s still an opportunity to sit and enjoy the scenery of downtown’s riverwalk while sheltered from the elements. Next month, riverwalk vendor City Winery will debut a set of temporary transparent, climate-controlled “River Domes” available to rent and enjoy in 90-minute blocks.

The well-furnished structures can accommodate groups of six for $100 per individual and will cost between $125 and $150 per person for smaller, more intimate parties. According to the restaurant’s website, the price includes a selection of cheese, charcuterie, and house-made wine.

In addition to views of Chicago’s iconic downtown architecture, the domes also feature heaters and bluetooth speakers for guests to DJ their respective bubbles. The unusual shelters will be available to reserve starting March 17th and are expected to stick around through the end of April.

The Chicago Riverwalk
Photo via Curbed Chicago Flickr pool/Erik Wolf