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80th-floor Aqua penthouse shaves $1M off asking price

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This duplex unit features three bedrooms and three full bathrooms over two levels

VHT Studios

The asking price for a sky-high duplex penthouse space in Jeanne Gang’s Aqua has been slowly returning to earth over the last couple of years. The unit, which spans two levels, features custom finishes, a large, open floor plan, and sprawling balconies which offer incredible skyline views. In May 2015, the penthouse first hit the market with a lofty $6 million price tag. As the months passed, half a million bucks were shaved off the ask, bringing the price down to $5.5 million.

However, the property owners made a dramatic move over the weekend by reducing the price by a full $1 million—bringing the currently ask down to $4.5 million. Even with the series of price cuts, this unit would set a new record for the tower if it is able to fetch the $1,285 per square foot that the owners are seeking.