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Nicely rehabbed brick worker cottage in heart of Wicker Park seeks $1.099M

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This one is a nice blend of classic and contemporary

1566 N. Hoyne
Lucid Realty, Inc.

This renovated worker cottage on North Hoyne Avenue in the heart of Wicker Park will cost a pretty penny, but you’re getting a lot of character and a great location for the price. Originally built in 1891, this masonry home is representative of the housing stock that was more typical of the neighborhood during the turn of the century. Today, we’re seeing a lot of luxury new construction popping up.

You may not get as much room in this one compared to some of the newer homes being built in the area, but you’re still getting a lot of home. The tall, open ceilings and the amount of natural lighting in the main level is particularly nice with this rehab. The kitchen is contemporary, but not overdone, and works with the rest of the space in the living room and small dining area. Another big perk with this one is the oversized lot and backyard space. There’s enough room for entertaining and gardening here.

This one listed last weekend seeking $1.099 million.