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Contemporary Wicker Park new construction renting for a whopping $9,500/month

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Or you can own the home outright for $1.299 million

VHT Studios

If you thought your rent was expensive, then you haven’t seen what the future residents of this newly constructed home in Wicker Park are going to be coughing up.

Completed last year, this new contemporary style residence replaced an older frame home that sold for $425,000 in 2015. The 3,200-square-foot home first entered the market a year ago with a whopper of a price tag of $1.399 million but took a few small price reductions as the following months passed. The house with its sleek Euro-style interior finishes is still for sale, but the builder is also trying another strategy: renting it.

For $1.299 million you can outright own this house on Potomac Avenue, or if you choose to rent, you can crash here for a whopping $9,500 per month. Say you hypothetically purchased the home at its current asking price and paid the standard 20% down payment at closing—the rental price would still be at least $3,000 more than the monthly mortgage.

Included in the rent price is four bedroom and three and a half bathrooms spread over three levels. There’s also a back deck and a rooftop space that looks over the Wicker Park and East Village neighborhoods.