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Uptown TOD proposed for Broadway & Wilson gets a new look

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City planners requested that the 197-unit development adopt a more contextualized design

Rendering by MX3 Architects

Last summer, a new 9-story mixed-use development broke cover with the aims of taking advantage of Chicago’s updated transit-oriented development (TOD) rules in Chicago’s highly walkable and rapidly-evolving Uptown neighborhood. Designed by MX3 Architects and replacing a single-story retail complex at the northeast corner of Broadway and Wilson, the plan was subsequently approved by the 46th Ward Zoning & Development Committee. Despite receiving the OK from the local body in July, the proposal recently reemerged sporting a substantially tweaked design.

MX3 Architects via 46th Ward

Still expected to contain 197 rental units, 11,500 square feet of ground floor retail, and 41 parking stalls, the plan for 4601 N. Broadway now features an exterior that better reflects the character of the Uptown Square Historical District, reports Uptown Update. According to the office of Alderman James Cappleman (46th), the changes came at the behest of Chicago’s Department of Planning and Development.

To move forward, the proposal will require a trip to the Chicago Plan Commission followed by an approving nod from the city’s Zoning Committee and full City Council. With a 94-foot mixed-use building with 147 rental units and 29 parking spaces also in the works at nearby 975 N. Wilson, the Broadway/Wilson TOD isn’t the only project looking to capitalize on the area’s $203 million new CTA station.