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Emanuel wants overhaul of Green Line south branch

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At a meeting in Washington this week, Mayor Emanuel expressed his desire to refresh the Green Line

Curbed Chicago Flickr pool/Gabriel X. Michael

While in Washington this week meeting with White House advisors and staff members, Mayor Rahm Emanuel suggested that the next major public transit project he wants to see in Chicago is a refresh of the Green Line’s south branches. According to Crain’s, the mayor pitched the idea, suggesting that with Trump’s interest in infrastructure investment and in helping address Chicago’s issue with violent crime, a Green Line overhaul would be a worthwhile investment.

“Rebuilding the Green Line is one way the administration could 'send in the feds,' create jobs, and help improve public safety—and a particularly notable one given that they have made it clear that investing in infrastructure is a priority,” a city spokesman told Crain’s earlier this week.

The mayor added that considering that the Blue and Red lines have recently received major overhauls, the Green Line, which runs from suburban Oak Park in the west through Englewood and Woodlawn on the South Side, should be up next for a major reinvestment. There seemed to be no discussion as to whether the mayor wanted a new station on the Green Line’s southeast leg at Jackson Park, the site of the future Obama Presidential Center.