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Studio Gang’s ‘Solstice on the Park’ tower cleared to rise 26 stories

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The high-rise apartment project at the northern edge of Jackson Park just landed its full construction permit

Rendering via Studio Gang
Rendering via Studio Gang

In the works since 2007, Hyde Park’s highly anticipated ‘Solstice on the Park’ high-rise has just cleared another important milestone in its construction process. While work on the foundation and first four floors of the 26-story rental tower at 1616 E. 56th Street began in October, the project was given the official all-clear by the city of Chicago to rise to its ultimate height of nearly 300 feet. The permit estimates the work to cost $85,600,000.

Solstice on the Park comes from developers Antheus Capital and MAC Properties and will eventually contain 250 apartments plus a five-story parking garage. The tower will feature a glass facade system angled at 71-degrees, inspired by the sun’s position in the sky during the summer solstice. According to its designers, this unusual setup will maximize sunlight during winter months as well as generate its own shade in the summer.

Solstice represents the third recent Hyde Park project from Chicago-based Studio Gang Architects. The Jeanne Gang-led design firm’s angular City Hyde Park apartment block opened in the first half of 2016 while the group’s University of Chicago dormitory project known as Campus North Residential Commons welcomed its first batch of student residents in the fall. Solstice on the Park is expected to be completed by spring of 2018.