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Long-discussed redevelopment of Chicago’s former Washington Park Homes looks to take a step forward

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The six-building development will bring 164 new residences and retail space to the Bronzeville neighborhood

Brinshore Development

A mixed-use redevelopment planned for a 4.5-acre tract of Chicago Housing Authority land, formerly home to the Washington Park Homes public housing project, is looking to move forward in Chicago’s Bronzeville neighborhood. Located at the corner of 45th Street and Cottage Grove Avenue, the site has sat vacant since the demolition of five CHA buildings 15 years ago.

The latest plan for the South Side site comes from Northbrook, Illinois-based Brinshore Development and calls for a six-building complex to be constructed in two phases. Combined, the new structures will deliver 164 rental apartments and roughly 17,000 square feet of commercial space. The proposal also includes a landscaped public plaza to host public gatherings, farmers markets, and outdoor retail dining and at least 141 on-site parking spaces.

Though Brinshore’s plan for 45th and Cottage Grove has been in discussion since the CHA named the firm as its developer in 2011, the plan finally secured financing and approval from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development in May of this year. Scheduled to appear before the Chicago Plan Commission for approval zoning this month, the project—much like the greater Bronzeville neighborhood—appears to be gaining momentum.