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Demolition begins on the Rock ‘N’ Roll McDonald’s

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The restaurant’s stand-alone memorabilia pavilion is the first to bite the dust.

The demolition begins on the Rock ‘N’ Roll McDonald’s Thursday morning.
Jay Koziarz / Curbed

The Rock ‘n’ Roll McDonald’s days as a kitschy staple of River North are officially over. Wrecking crews began dismantling part of the property Thursday morning, just one day after a demolition permit was issued for the iconic fast food restaurant at 600 N. Clark Street.

Earlier in December, McDonald’s announced it would be closing up the famous downtown franchise while it planned a more modern remodel. That rehab, however, seems to include more than just ditching the dated decor and adding table service.

The permit calls for crews to wreck and remove the two-story restaurant as well as an adjacent pavilion that was once full of memorabilia left over from the “original” Rock ‘n’ Roll—demolished in 2004. The first floor and basement of the larger building will remain intact under the plan.

A demolition crew takes out the pavilion adjacent to the Rock ‘N’ Roll McDonald’s Thursday morning
Jay Koziarz / Curbed
Work to tear down the majority of Rock ‘N’ Roll McDonald’s main structure will commence in early 2018.
Jay Koziarz / Curbed

Wasting little time, workers are already making short work of the smaller western structure flanking the drive-thru lane. The restaurant, meanwhile, is expected to remain open until Dec. 30.

While downtown Chicago might be temporarily down one McDonald’s, there’s another one opening soon on the ground level of the company’s new headquarters at 110 N. Carpenter Street in Fulton Market.

In a clear push to the future, the fast food company recently revealed plans to demolish its famous ‘McDonald’s No. 1 Store Museum’ in Des Plaines, Illinois.