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Wabash Lights art project begins $1 million fundraiser

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The public art project wants to extend another block

Wabash Lights

The creators behind the Wabash Lights art installation have returned with a new fundraising goal to get their multicolored public art project off the ground.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign and beta installation, filmmaker Jack Newell and design strategist Seth Unger are seeking between $750,000 and $1 million to pay for equipment, labor, and maintenance, a mobile app and extension, according to Loop North News. They don’t have a kickstarter campaign set up now, but you can make a donation on the Wabash Lights’ website.

The proposed plan for the public art calls for a 600 LED lights to be fixed below the CTA train tracks on Wabash Avenue. The stream of lights can even be controlled by people who download an app connected to the art.

Our mobile lights are currently looking for a cool place to hang out while we work towards our full installation. Do you have a storefront window or gallery that could benefit from an interactive light activation? Let us know!

Posted by The Wabash Lights on Thursday, November 30, 2017

Recently, the city announced a plan to expand resources, programs and support for the creation of public art in 2018. The Wabash Lights project has received support from a number of city resources including the CTA, alderman, DCASE and community members.

In the initial Kickstarter campaign, Wabash Lights raised $59,480 from 918 people and received $25,000 from Comcast to pay for a test installation. For comparison, Millennium’s Park Cloud Gate cost $23 million, Newel told Loop North News.