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Stalled retail development at Six Corners could grow to include senior housing

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Work on ‘The Point’ project began in mid 2016 but has seen little progress since

A rendering of The Point shopping complex.
Clark Street Real Estate

After sitting as a flooded, half-completed hole in the ground for over a year, the stalled Portage Park shopping center known as The Point at Six Corners could be revived as a taller mixed-use development featuring senior housing. According to a recent email update, 45th Ward Alderman John Arena has “reengaged” The Point’s developer Clark Street Real Estate in hopes of getting the project back on track.

Located at the “original” Six Corners intersection of Milwaukee Avenue, Cicero Avenue, and Irving Park Road, the development was approved to replace a former Bank of America building with 100,000 square feet of retail and up to 275 parking spaces. Despite including no residential component, the design embraced the guidelines established in the 2013 Six Corners Master Plan designed to revitalize the area.

A rough massing diagram of an updated, 10-story plan for The Point development.
Clark Street Real Estate

Though work has halted, the developer has presented an updated, 10-story design to Arena earlier this year, reported Nadig News. Requiring a zoning change, the plan includes seven levels of senior housing above ground-floor retail, possible medical offices, and 236 parking spaces.

According to Arena’s email, “discussions continue” as his office considers factors such as the 117-foot height of the structure, the amount of on-site parking, and how the revised proposal complies with the aforementioned master plan. Once certain criteria are satisfied, his office will host a public community meeting to introduce the development. “Until then, any proposal is speculative,” said the alderman.