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Rock ‘n’ Roll McDonald’s shuts down for remodel

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Say goodbye to the Rock ‘n’ Roll theme too


Squeeze in your last burger and fries at the River North Rock ‘n’ Roll McDonald’s because after Dec. 30, the kitschy downtown icon will be no more.

Nationwide the company is turning a new page, reported the Chicago Tribune, and that means getting rid of the dated theme decor. The franchise owner, Nick Karavites, told the Tribune the restaurant will open back up with an updated interior, solar panels, table service and an “experience of the future.”

If you were wondering what will become of the memorabilia throughout the restaurant, well, it’s Karavites personal collection.

Nearly a month ago, McDonald’s announced it would demolish its famed ‘McDonald's #1 Store Museum’ in Des Plaines, Illinois. In addition to these changes, the company will move into its new Fulton Market headquarters this spring.

For those of you feeling a loss, here’s something you can find solace in. The new headquarters building at 110 N. Carpenter Street will be getting a ground floor McDonald’s to fulfill any of your fry needs.