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“Rampage” latest Hollywood film bent on destroying downtown Chicago

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Giant mutated animals square-off in the upcoming video game-inspired movie

Chicago’s Wacker drive sets the scene for a monster showdown in next spring’s Rampage.
Warner Bros. Prictures

After taking a beating in 2011’s Transformers: Dark of the Moon, downtown Chicago is set to return as the fictional backdrop for battling monsters once again in the upcoming Hollywood action flick Rampage. Based on an 1986 arcade game by the same name, the Warner Brothers film stars Dwayne Johnson and a mutated ape, wolf, and crocodile.

While low-flying camera choppers were spotted buzzing the Loop back in the June, a newly released theatrical trailer for Rampage provides a first glimpse at the fully rendered CGI action. Based on the preview, things don’t look so good for the landmarks along Chicago’s Wacker Drive.

Under the shadow of Marina City, “George” the giant mutant gorilla can be seen ripping the front off of the Renaissance Hotel, body slamming the Leo Burnett Building, and tossing the (highly explosive?) Dearborn Street bridge house into a military tank. There’s also “something” in the Chicago River and it sure doesn’t look friendly.

The upcoming film is helmed by director Brad Peyton who previously teamed up with Johnson on the 2015 earthquake disaster feature San Andreas. Rampage is scheduled to smash into theaters on April 20th of 2018.