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Twitter quick to call out ‘Stranger Things’ for bungled 1984 Chicago skyline

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Chicagoans were quick to point out historical and geographic inaccuracies


**Warning: Minor Season 2 plot spoilers ahead**

Known for playing to the 1980’s nostalgia of its viewers, the latest season of Netflix’s smash series Stranger Things has Chicagoans scratching their heads—and venting on Twitter—for its less-than-retro depiction of the Windy City’s skyline. Despite being set in 1984, the show featured a number of skyscrapers that were completed considerably later.

Glaring post-1984 additions include Chicago’s Trump International Hotel & Tower that opened in 2009, the 1990’s era Two Prudential Plaza building, and the Blue Cross Blue Shield Tower which opened in 1997 and was later vertically expanded in 2010.

If that wasn’t enough to ruffle some feathers, the perspective is also flawed—noted David Matthews of DNAinfo and a number of Twitter users. Shot from the east, the orientation of the Windy City’s skyline means that a pawn shop and ‘L’ train depicted in one of the episodes would have to be located smack in the middle of Lake Michigan.

Chicago apparently wasn’t the only victim of Stranger Things’ architectural post-production doctoring. The opening sequence of the new season’s first episode is said to be set in Pittsburgh but was actually filmed in Atlanta. The wide shots do feature a handful of digitally enhanced—and period correct—Steel City landmarks.