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New design for the development replacing Edgewater’s Woodruff Arcade?

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The project also has a new name that references the historic building being lost

The interior gallery of the Woodruff Arcade.
Image courtesy of Ward Miller/Preservation Chicago

A seven-story development slated to replace Edgewater’s 1923 Woodruff Arcade at the southeast corner of Sheridan Road and Devon Avenue is apparently back with an updated design. The mixed-use project calls for 58 rental apartments above 9,000 square feet of ground floor commercial space and could be delivered by fall 2018, according to latest information commercial real estate brokerage firm Edgemark.

Previously dubbed ‘Loyola Gateway,’ the revised design is now being marketed as ‘The Arcade’ as an homage—and painful reminder—to the historic building that will bite the dust for the new development. According to the Edgewater Historical Society, the critically endangered Woodruff Arcade is the last of its kind in the city. Considered a forerunner of the modern shopping mall, two-story commercial arcades like Woodruff were once common across Chicagoland.

The latest image from Edgemark represents at least the third design iteration of the mixed-use proposal. One constant, however, is a Bank of America branch anchoring the corner retail space.

Google Street View