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Galewood apartment development blocked by local alderman

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The West Side project called for 80 rental apartments along North Avenue

The former U.S. Bank branch building at 6700 W. North Avenue.
Google Street View

A controversial proposal to redevelop a shuttered bank and surface parking lot on Chicago’s West Side will go no further. The plan from developer Noah Properties called for a new three building complex containing 80 two-bedroom rental units at 6600-6700 W. North Avenue in the Galewood neighborhood. Historically, the area has seen little in the way of large multi-family developments.

At a number of meetings, oppositional neighbors expressed not only the typical concerns over traffic, density, and “vagrant renters” but also brought up past donations by Noah Properties to Taliaferro's 2015 election campaign, reported Austin Weekly News. The alderman looked to the Galewood Business Development Committee—a group of local residents and business owners—to vet the project ahead of his decision. The group ultimately voted against the development.

“After multiple community meetings, the Committee vote, and listening to the residents of Galewood, I will not support the proposed project,” wrote Taliaferro in a letter posted to the 29th Ward Facebook page last week. Given the power Chicago aldermen hold over zoning, Taliaferro effectively has the final word on the matter.

An image from an online marketing flyer highlighting the properties at 6600-6700 W. North Avenue.
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