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Heir to the Red Bull fortune buys renovated Gold Coast mansion for $7.5M

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The transaction represents Chicago’s priciest home sale of 2017

Photos by Sergio & Banks Real Estate

After listing in February for nearly $9 million, an over-the-top Gold Coast mansion appears to have sold to an heir of the Red Bull fortune for $7.5 million—representing Chicago’s priciest residential transaction of 2017. The Cook County recorder of deeds indicates the buyer to be Jiravat Yoovidhya—son of the late Thai billionaire and energy drink creator Chaleo Yoovidhya—reports Dennis Rodkin of Crain’s.

The 1885 home on Bellevue Place was last purchased for $3.1 million by Anita Lisek and husband Bart Przyjemski, principal of Noah Properties, in 2014. The structure was extensively changed in a 2016 renovation that essentially doubled the size of the home to 10,000 feet while leaving only its historic facade in place. The updated mega-mansion features six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, five outdoor decks, and an elevator.

Jiravat is only one of 11 heirs who inherited a 49 percent stake in the Red Bull company after his father passed away in 2012. According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, his fortune is estimated at $4.11 billion. Records show Mr. Yoovidhya to own no other Chicago-area properties, reports Rodkin.