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Frank Lloyd Wright’s Keir House can be had for $779K

Though not 100 percent original, the 1914 North Shore home does offer a lot of the Wright stuff

Photos by VHT Studios

After first listing last month for $799,000, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Kier House in suburban Glencoe, Illinois, has taken its first—albeit minor—price cut down to $779,000. Constructed in 1914, the home is one of the five spec homes of the Ravine Bluffs development which was subdivided from the grounds of the FLW-designed Sherman Booth House. The Kier House is a variation on Wright’s “Fireproof House for $5,000” that first appeared in the Ladies Home Journal in April of 1907.

While not as historically pristine as some other Wrights on the market, this example is perhaps more family friendly and less claustrophobic. Notable updates include an open (and very “on-trend”) white kitchen, renovated bathrooms, a fully finished basement family room, and a modernized central air system.

According to the listing notes, the property holds only “honorary” landmark designation—meaning future owners have considerable freedom when it comes to changes. In fact, the home can be nearly doubled in size from 2,200 to over 4,000 square feet. Whether or not such an addition should be done to a 103-year-old Frank Lloyd Wright home is a different discussion entirely...