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Transit-oriented apartment mid-rise proposed for West Loop parking lot

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The modern 10-story structure would feature 69 rental units but parking for only 5 cars

42nd Ward
315 S. Jefferson is currently occupied by surface parking lot.
Google Street View

Another downtown parking lot looks poised for redevelopment as new details emerge regarding plans for a 10-story residential mid-rise near Union Station in Chicago’s rapidly-changing West Loop. Dubbed ‘The Gladys Apartments,’ the project from JAB Real Estate would deliver 69 rental units at 315 S. Jefferson Street.

While the east and west ends of the building would be clad primarily in glass, the sides look considerably less elegant. The structure will cut in from the southern property line by 14 feet to allow room for residential balconies, but the north facade appears rather blank with gray-colored panels and very few windows. This is most likely a byproduct of Chicago’s rigid fire-related building code rather than an aesthetic choice by designer FitzGerald Associates Architects.

Due to its proximity to both local and regional mass transit, the Gladys would contain parking for just five cars plus 48 bicycles. The plan also calls for roughly 1,300 square feet of ground floor retail space fronting Jefferson Street. The project is proposed “as-of-right,” meaning it complies with the site’s underlying DX-7 zoning. The designation allows for the construction of up to 94 residential dwelling units.

From a city approval standpoint, the 315 S. Jefferson development only requires a pair of minor variances and a special use permit for its lower than usual parking ratio from the Chicago Zoning Board of Appeals. The requests will be heard at this month’s ZBA meeting, scheduled for Friday, October 20th. No word yet as to when JAB aims to break ground.

42nd Ward
42nd Ward
42nd Ward