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Rent a one-bedroom apartment in a historic Gold Coast greystone for $2,599

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The apartment is located in an ornate greystone built by famed Chicago merchant and developer Potter Palmer

77 E. Elm Steet #4

While Lincoln Park tears down old charming residents to replace them with mega-mansions, developers in the Gold Coast area are trying something different. This stately old greystone languished on the market for quite a while during the darkest days of the recession, but did eventually sell for $2.1 million at the end of 2012. And instead of being totally gutted out, it’s got a lot of really neat architectural details—details that are the highlight of a rental ad for one of the units in it. While it has seen some updated since it last sold, there’s no mistaking this home for anything other than what it is—a fine hand-crafted built during Chicago’s gilded age.

The apartment itself features some really interested details. It’s got a large skylight centered over the main living room area, a row of uniquely shaped windows, a working gas fireplace with a hand-crafted mantel by sculptor E.P. Seidel, and a large bedroom closet. With a monthly rent of $2,599, it’s definitely not a cheap one-bedroom by Chicago standards. However, for those with the cash and an appreciation for classic Chicago architecture, this is definitely one to check out.