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Chicago Art Institute exhibition explores ‘Who Builds Your Architecture?’

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The temporary installation looks at the unsung behind-the-scenes players responsible for bringing projects to life

Though architecture and construction have become globalized, multi-disciplined endeavors, often little outside thought is given to the countless contributors, intricate processes, and international politics behind our skyscrapers and residential complexes. Hoping to shed new light on the topic, the Art Institute of Chicago is hosting a temporary exhibit created by (and named after) New York–based group “Who Builds Your Architecture?”

The installation not only looks at the physical design and building processes, but also the wide and unexpected array of players involved in the global construction industry. Specifically, “WBYA?” will present the group’s recent research regarding the role played by migrant workers in realizing some of the world’s biggest projects. “Who Builds Your Architecture?” is located in Gallery 286 and included in the museum’s admission price. It runs through June 11th.

Starting this week, the Art Institute of Chicago is free for Chicagoans between the ages of 14-17. Thanks to a gift from philanthropists Glenn and Claire Swogger of Topeka, Kansas, free access to the famed cultural institution for teens is expected to continue for the next 25 years.