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Local zoning committee scuttles condos planned near Edison Park transit stop

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The contentious four-story proposal failed to impress both residents and the 41st Ward Zoning Advisory Committee

Troy Realty/Funke Architects via 41st Ward

Following multiple public meetings in 2016, a four-story new development near the Edison Park Metra station was effectively killed yesterday by the 41st Ward Zoning Advisory Committee. Slated to replace a car wash at 6655 N. Oliphant, the proposal from developer Troy Realty was first introduced to residents as 44 rental units with 156 parking stalls. After finding itself the focal point of a battle between 41st Ward Alderman Anthony Napolitano and a political rival and facing negative feedback from the community, the plan evolved into 30 condos and 159 parking spaces.

Troy Realty/Funke Architects via 41st Ward

Despite the tweaks, the project failed to impress the members of the 41st Ward Zoning Advisory Committee, who voted 4-7 against Troy Realty’s plan. Alderman Napolitano will follow the committee decision and deny the project’s request for a zoning change. According to DNAinfo, concerns that the development would bring unwanted traffic and “newcomers” to the neighborhood were behind the group’s decision.

Though Funke Architect’s faux-renaissance design may be dead, future development is still very possible for the 36,000-square-foot, transit-rich site. However, based on the outcry over 30 condos and a primarily public parking garage, it wouldn’t be surprising to see future proposals stick to the site’s existing zoning and bypass the community zoning process altogether.

6655 N. Oliphant
Google Street View