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Another double lot new construction mansion lists in Lincoln Park

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The new mansion could replace a classic red brick multi-unit building

There’s no shortage of large single family homes in Lincoln Park. The neighborhood is increasingly becoming known for its inventory of newly constructed mansions that often time take over multiple city lots, leading to the de-densification of the historic Chicago neighborhood and the erasure of many older buildings. While developers are demolishing rows of two-flats and small commercial buildings in neighborhoods like Wicker Park and Logan Square to replace them with larger, more dense developments, the opposite is happening in Lincoln Park where developers are eager to get a hold of two or more lots to erect one large residence.

Enter this new listing for a yet-to-be built mansion on Dayton Street in Lincoln Park. The very first line says it all: “Not many double lots left!” Builder Foster Design Build is marketing the mansion, asking $5.5 million for the custom 6,500-square-foot home. The listing suggests that the mansion will feature “timeless finishes and master craftsmanship” and include parking for up to six vehicles while still having a huge yard. The new construction will be replacing a pair of vintage red brick row houses if a buyer is found. Otherwise, it appears that the row homes are being marketed as vacant land for $3.85 million.

Google Street View

The listing for this mansion is not alone. It seems like every other day there is a new listing for a yet-to-be constructed mansion for the Lincoln Park area. For example, here’s one that listed yesterday with a price tag of $7.99 million.