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Logan Square landlord and alderman at odds over evictions

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A long-proposed development for Logan Square may be delayed indefinitely

Savoy Development

A proposed Logan Square development that has been in the works for nearly three years may be threatened by a dispute between the property’s current owner and Alderman Proco Joe Moreno (1st) over the evictions of remaining tenants. According to DNAinfo, the landlord of the property at 2342-48 N. California Avenue, which Savoy Development has been eyeing for a six-level, 138-unit rental project, is seeking to follow through on a judgement to have three remaining families living in the existing property evicted this month. Logan Square affordable housing advocates have been pushing back on the landlord to allow the existing tenants until March 1 to move out, but after months of nonpayment, the property’s owner tells DNAinfo that he can’t afford to wait any longer.

By not cooperating with the request to push back the move-out date until March, Alderman Moreno has threatened to revoke the zoning change, DNAinfo reports. In a statement, Moreno also referred to the landlord as “a bad community partner, who may no longer merit the granted City zoning privileges that are enabling the sale of his property on his terms.”

In April 2014, developer Enrico Plati introduced a plan to build a new four-story development composed entirely of studio apartments for the property at 2342-48 N. California Avenue. After several iterations, the final plan was reworked to stand at six levels and deliver 138 apartments, 44 parking space and four ground floor retail spaces to the property. While the site was surrounded with demolition fencing nearly two years ago, the development won’t move forward until all existing tenants have vacated the property and the sale between the property owner and Savoy Development is completed.