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Humboldt Park apartment has backyard ping pong table

This two-bedroom unit is renting for just $1,100 per month


Like most apartments, this Humboldt Park two-bedroom has some trade-offs. First the not-so-great: it’s a garden unit. While it’s a semi-below grade unit, there are plenty of windows and it does appear to get a decent amount of natural lighting. The upside? The rent is $1,100 per month. The landlord is even offering one month free to whoever signs a 16-month lease, which means that the actual rent price would come to somewhere in the range of $1,030 per month when taking a free month into account. The unit appears to be mostly remodeled with newer finishes and appliances, and there’s even a decent little backyard setup with a picnic bench and ping pong table. All in all, it looks like a solid little garden unit at a price that won’t eat up your entire monthly income.