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Kenwood mansion by Treat & Foltz returns with price bump

This beautiful old frame home also returns with a set of new photos

RE/MAX Premier Properties

This lovely three-story home built in 1896 by famed architects Treat & Foltz has returned to the market with a new listing agent, new photos, and a new listing price. Located in the heart of the historic Kenwood landmark district, this classic light-filled home was completely renovated in 2006 with new plumbing, electric, and HVAC, along with a state-of-the-art kitchen. It’s not exactly an American Foursquare, but it’s almost like the Chicago take on that style of home.

The house listed in September 2015 asking $2.595 million and then in March of 2016, the asking price dropped down to $2.475 million. However, by August, the list price was bumped back up to the original $2.595 million. This week, the home returns, but its asking price has not decreased, instead it has been bumped up to $2.6 million. Why the change in strategy? The listing notes suggest that this house is “located minutes from future Obama library and two doors down from the Obama residence.” Does its proximity to the planned Obama Presidential Center command a higher price than what was originally asked? The library is still a long ways out, but already folks connected to the Obama Administration are buying in the area.