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Which Chicago neighborhoods do you think will be the hottest in 2017?

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Which neighborhoods do you think will see substantial growth and demand?

Curbed Chicago Flickr pool/urbsinhorto1837

The city is ever changing, and as the years go by, the neighborhoods as we know them can witness dramatic transformations. In recent years, neighborhoods like the West Loop, South Loop, Wicker Park, and Logan Square have been recipients of major investment and new construction. Of course, with a wave of new bars and restaurants comes a wave of new residents, and often times, new development.

Over the last few years, the real estate brokerage Redfin has been predicting what it thinks will be the hottest neighborhoods in the country and also which neighborhoods will be the hottest in their respective city. And for a few years, at least one Chicago neighborhood made an entry in the country’s hottest neighborhood list. For 2013, Redfin ranked Logan Square as the nation’s eight hottest neighborhood, and then neighboring Humboldt Park took the tenth place spot for the following year. Last year, Redfin place Ukrainian Village at the top of the list nationally.

But for this year, no Chicago communities were listed in the brokerage’s top ten list for hottest housing markets. Instead, the list was dominated by neighborhoods in cities on the West Coast. However, Redfin offered their prediction on which Chicago neighborhoods could expect to see some big changes this year. According to the group, Woodlawn and Belmont Gardens are the two Chicago neighborhoods to keep an eye on for 2017. Oddly enough, Redfin placed the downtown neighborhood in suburban Oak Lawn as the hottest Chicago neighborhood.

Certainly the neighborhoods listed by Redfin in years past have indeed witnessed substantial changes and increases in popularity. But which Chicago neighborhoods do you think will experience new growth and demand in 2017?