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Cozy industrial loft conversion in Pilsen rents for $1,950

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There’s a lot to like about this interesting loft space

2400 S. Oakley Avenue #2F

If you’ve been seriously considering taking the trigger on an industrial loft but you’re still not 100% certain that it’s the type of home you’d like to buy, here’s a fully furnished loft in Pilsen that you can rent in the meanwhile to give the loft life a go. Located on the southwest edge of the neighborhood, this loft is certainly unique and has some interesting extras. It’s a lofted unit with a spiraling staircase heading towards the upper level, there’s an open kitchen area that’s perfect for entertaining or keeping an eye on the news while making dinner, and there’s also a nice outdoor space. It was previously on the market at the end of December 2015 renting for $1,750 but today the landlord is seeking a lease at $1,950 per month.