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Pair of doomed worker cottages list for $2.2M as double-lot development opportunity

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According to the listing, at least one of the cottages dates back to the 1891

Photos by Coldwell Banker Residential via Redfin

Lincoln Park may be one of Chicago’s worst offenders when it comes to leveling adjacent historic homes to build multi-lot single family mansions, but the practice is also prevalent just to the north in Lakeview. Take these two classic examples of the Chicago-style workers cottage located just off the Southport Corridor. The properties were recently listed together and marketed to buyers as an opportunity to build a custom 50-foot-wide home.

A buyer certainly has a right to “build a home bigger than the rest,” as suggested by the cottages’ listing notes—especially if he or she is willing to plop down $2,199,999 for a couple of of tear-downs. That being said, there’s no doubt this classic and uniquely Chicago style of building is increasingly coming under threat.

While a dilapidated but contributing post-fire worker cottage in Old Town was recently saved from destruction, the Gold Coast saw its last example demolished late last year. With no landmark district anywhere in sight, it’s only a matter of time before these two 19th century homes on the 3300 block of N. Lakewood disappear for good.