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$350K gets a rehabbed Grand Boulevard greystone

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It’s hard to find this much room and quality architecture for the price

4921 S. Champlain Avenue
Dream Town Realty

Have your heart set on a classic Chicago greystone but can’t afford to buy one of the historic homes along the boulevards in Logan Square or Humboldt Park? If you head south towards Grand Boulevard, you’ll find lots of gorgeous old homes along Drexel Boulevard and just off of it. And you might be surprised at the prices for some of these homes. This spacious three-bedroom, three and a half bathroom greystone on Champlain Avenue can be had for $349,900. And no, the asking price isn’t for a condo in the building, it’s for the entire home. The greystone appears to have a lot of newer updates, but fortunately, some of the original architectural details do remain. It’s really tough to beat the value when it comes to the amount of space and the quality of the architecture.