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Interior designer Lauren Buxbaum Gordon seeks $3.5M for Gold Coast home

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The 5,000-square-foot home was renovated over the last two years

23 E. Scott Street

Lauren Buxbaum Gordon, one of two lead designers for Nate Berkus, has listed her bright, airy, and on-trend home in the Gold Coast with an asking price of nearly $3.5 million. As one would expect of a home renovated by an interior designer, no detail has been left untouched in this one. The high-contrast home sports a largely white and black theme, with colorful wallpaper in some rooms to add some pop. According to Crain’s, Gordon and her husband purchased and renovated the home with full intentions to be in it for a long time, but have since recently decided to relocate to the suburbs to have a lawn.

The home is filled with subway tile, dark wooden doors, and some unique lighting fixtures. There’s also two closet rooms that would make anyone jealous. It’s certainly an interesting and refreshing home, but it’ll come at a price. This one listed yesterday afternoon and is seeking $3.495 million.