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Clean, simple North Center two-bedroom seeks $329K

Skip all of the gimmicks and you’ll get a very nice home at a reasonable price

There’s something to be said about the understated. There are going to be the loud homes filled with marble, granite, stainless steel which are then described in a listing that features a wall of all-caps text shouting at you, telling you why you need to live in some behemoth of a home. But then on the other hand, you have units on the occasion that are just simple and have been updated in an understated but very nice way. This two-bedroom on Damen in North Center will likely appeal more to those who aren’t looking for all of the gimmicks, but want all of the important things like nice windows, vintage built-ins, and a refined kitchen. Surprisingly, the monthly assessment on this place is only $55 per month—a fee that anyone can cope with. This unit is seeking $329,000.