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Northwest side farmhouse dating back to 1866 heading to auction next week

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The small Belmont Gardens home is one of the oldest on the city’s northwest side

An old, foreclosed house on Belmont Avenue is heading to auction next week—but it’s not just any home. It may not look like much in its neglected state, but the brick farmhouse at 4434 W. Belmont Avenue in the Belmont Gardens neighborhood is one of the oldest standing homes on the city’s northwest side. Preservationists are beginning to sound the alarm regarding this house’s future. Considering that many Orange-rated homes are slated for demolition or redevelopment, this old house on Belmont has very little (if any) chance of survival if it is purchased by a developer looking to erect a new construction at the site. According to the listing for the auction, the house contains six bedrooms and three bathrooms over 2,200 square feet of space. The auction for this 150 year old house will begin next Monday.