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President of Lucas Museum hopes to sell recently-purchased Lincoln Park mansion

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Museum president Don Bacigalupi already had this home under contract when Lucas walked away from Chicago

Just how confident were the folks behind Chicago’s now doomed bid for the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art? Apparently confident enough for museum president Don Bacigalupi to honor a signed contract to purchase a $2,725,000 Lincoln Park mansion just six days after the Star Wars filmmaker decided to pull the plug on Chicago due to stiff opposition from park advocates over the institution's lakefront locale. With Lucas now courting San Fransisco to host his art collection at a bay-side site on Treasure Island, Bacigalupi has — rather understandably — relisted his relatively new Chicago digs.

Built in 1920 and restored by Harry Weese in the 1960’s, the 7,600-square-foot landmarked structure contains six bedrooms and bathrooms. The traditional exterior wraps a more eclectic indoors and features the kind of modern sculptures and paintings you would expect the president of an art museum to have lying around. Situated on a 50 foot by 130 foot corner lot, the home is located in one of Chicago’s most desirable residential neighborhoods.

Despite the unfortunate timing of his purchase, Bacigalupie will likely recoup his Lincoln Park investment given the home’s current asking price of $2,995,000. According to the Chicago’s Tribune’s Bob Goldsborough, the bump in value was reportedly due to some recent upgrades as well as the inclusion of some remodeling plans that Bacigalupi had commissioned for the home.

Moving forward, it might not be a bad idea for the Lucas Museum president to perhaps consider renting a home in San Fransisco until the ink drys on any deal regarding the preposed the Treasure Island site. Just a thought.