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Floor plans, new renderings for Logan Square towers revealed

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Construction continues on the pair of apartment towers for the booming Logan Square neighborhood

As construction continues on the new twin tower development for Logan Square, the picture is becoming more and more clear on how the project will look once it is completed in the coming months. One of the biggest unknowns was the space in between the buildings. For the street level, the developer had initially proposed one large wall that would hide the parking, but also help form a base for an outdoor amenity space that would overlook pedestrians on Milwaukee Avenue. And as construction workers wrap up the building, the sales team for the new Mica development are slowly revealing more and more info on the project.

The development’s website now has floor plans and even a few new renderings, including one that shows the space between the buildings from a pedestrian’s view. The space will make room for patio seating for a future restaurant or cafe at the base of the building, but there also appears to be some other features that may be available and accessible to the general public, like a splash of trees and a couple of boulders for good measure.

Despite the slow trickle of new info and new images of the buildings, the one thing that is still missing is the rent prices. Floor plans for every level are available on the website, but rent prices are nowhere to be found. Actually, you’ll have to head over to Craigslist if you want to find out the rent prices.