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15-story Printer's Row apartment proposal takes a significant height reduction

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Meanwhile unit count has apparently been reduced from 130 to 60

A long-discussed apartment proposal slated for an empty lot at the northwest corner of Dearborn and Polk Streets in Chicago’s Printer’s Row neighborhood looks to have been slashed from its original height of 15 stories down to just seven. The latest images come from LG Development’s website which also mentions an updated unit count of 60 — a considerable reduction from the 130 micro apartments and extended stay units presented to neighbors earlier this year.

While the old design by Myefski Architects matched the height of the neighboring Franklin building at 720 S. Dearborn, it seems the new plan will instead leave quite a bit of blank wall on display. Though the redesign appears to keep the development’s ground floor retail space intact, it’s unclear if the project’s previously proposed rooftop amenity space survived. According to LG, more information will be forthcoming.