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CTA confirms Red Line extension south to 130th Street

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The project will create four new stations on the city’s Far South Side

Today the CTA presented some good news for residents on the city’s Far South Side: the Red Line extension project to 130th Street is moving forward. The plan, which the CTA says will help to create 29,000 new “direct, indirect and induced jobs,” will add four new stations to the Red Line. Those stations will be at 103rd Street and Eggleston Avenue, 111th Street and Eggleston Avenue, Michigan Avenue and 116th Street, and finally one at 130th near the Bishop Ford Freeway interchange.

According to the CTA, there are two different ways this extension can be done. One is building light rail on the west side of the existing Union Pacific Railroad line, and the other is to construct the rail on the east side of the tracks. And to help make the final decision, the CTA is asking for feedback from residents. The public transit agency will accept comments from the public from October 6 to November 30, and then on Tuesday, November 1, the CTA will host a public meeting (location and exact time to be announced).

The CTA says that it will be notifying any property owners that may be affected by the extension, but also suggests that they will not start acquiring properties until a decision has been made regarding the two options for the final track alignment. The preferred alignment is not expected to be announced until sometime early next year.