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Another big apartment project planned for the West Loop

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As proposed, the project would deliver another 300 new rentals to the booming neighborhood

The West Loop development shows no sign of slowing down as new projects for the popular area continue to unfold. And as the neighborhood sees more major office projects come to the area, equally large residential ones will also follow. A number of dense apartment projects are already proposed or are currently under construction for the West Loop, but another big one may be on the way. According to Crain’s, a developer is proposing an 18-story, 300-unit rental project for 1375 W. Fulton Market, which would become one of the biggest residential projects for the area during this development cycle if it moves forward as planned.

While West Loop residents are known for being leery of tall and dense projects, Crain’s reports that the project’s developer, High Street Residential, is looking to make some big contributions in order to secure the zoning change. As proposed, the developer would provide 30 affordable units in the building while paying another nearly $5 million to the city’s Neighborhood Opportunity and Affordable Housing Opportunity funds.

The design for the project comes from the Minneapolis-based ESG Architects. Other features will include parking for 156 vehicles and nearly 15,000 square feet of ground-floor commercial space.