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Midcentury Usonian-style home in Polo seeks $500K

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The home blends Frank Lloyd Wright’s Usonian vision with midcentury modern design

There’s no shortage of unique Prairie era and midcentury modern homes in the Chicago era and northern Illinois, and this low-slung three-bedroom home way out in Ogle County is certainly no exception. Built in 1962 for a Polo (the town) chiropractor, this home is one of those rare blend of both Prairie School and midcentury modernism. In the listing, the agent includes numerous photos of the house, but also a few newspaper clips and even the hand-drawn architectural elevations. The home was designed by Verne Lars Solberg, an architect who studied under Bruce Goff, according to listing agent Ryland Bouchard.

The home certainly borrows heavily from Frank Lloyd Wright’s Usonian vision of architecture that compliments its surroundings instead of trying to distract from it. At the same time, its roofline and simplicity feel very modern. And while it is a product of the early ‘60s, it has received some important updates. The listing suggests that it has recently received over $300,000 in improvements, such as new concrete floors, new insulation, new windows, new plumbing, new plaster ceilings, and new wiring. It’s not only move-in ready, but it’s essentially good to go for the next 50 years. This one is asking $500K.