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19th century Gold Coast full gut rehab returns with $500K price chop

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The mansion’s 1885 exterior conceals what is essentially a brand new home

If this five-bedroom 1885 mansion in the heart of Chicago’s tony Gold Coast seems like it has all the contemporary style and convenience of a new home, it’s likely due to the fact that the 19th century structure has been completed gutted and remodeled. Featuring sleek custom millwork, modern LED lighting, a large outdoor deck, and high-end everything, the home is about as well-appointed as any luxury new construction available for purchase in the Windy City.

While all this shiny newness will certainly appeal to some well-heeled buyers, others may prefer their 19th century mansions to, you know, look and feel that part — even following extensive renovation work. The home was previously listed for $4,999,900 earlier this year when it was featured during Curbed Chicago’s Renovation Week. Now seeking $4,499,900, the fully rehabbed mansion at 34 East Bellevue has sliced a cool half-million off its ask.

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