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This is what the redeveloped St. Boniface could look like

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The Chicago Academy of Music plans to move in next door to the century-old church

Flickr Creative Commons/Mikel Pickett

Now that the deal on the long-vacant St. Boniface Catholic Church is closed, East Village residents can expect to see more information about the plan to redeveloped the church and the vacant lots that stand directly to its east and north sides.

Developer Mike Skoulsky of Stas Development closed on the Henry Schlacks-designed structure last Friday evening, satisfying the city’s demand that the church be sold by the end of the week last week. Skoulsky’s plan is to renovate the actual church itself into 15 upscale condo units, while building a new structure next door on Chestnut which will contain another 24 condos, and constructing a new space for the Chicago Academy of Music.

In their coverage of the church’s sale, DNAinfo revealed what appears to be one of the first renderings for the new redevelopment of St. Boniface. The rendering comes from architect Michael Vasilko. In addition, on his Facebook post announcing the purchase, developer Mike Skoulsky is shown holding an iPad with what appears to be a conceptual rendering of the redeveloped church.

There have been several other plans in the past 20 years to repurpose St. Boniface Church, but the latest seems to have not only the most momentum, but it also has the support of the surrounding community.

St. Boniface

1358 West Chestnut Street, Chicago, IL 60642