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Evanston Prairie Schooler claims Wright connection, asks $849K

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While it’s got a distinctive Prairie look, it’s likely not a long lost Wright

What’s in a name? If the name is Frank Lloyd Wright, then there’s a lot of cache attached to the home. Wright designed dozens of homes in the Chicago area, and inspired many, many others that were built in his distinctive Prairie style. There are dozens of other homes in the Chicago area that look awfully like something that Wright would have designed, but often times, it may be one of his many apprentices or a former draftsman that drew it up—which may be the case with this century-old home in Evanston.

The listing agent for this 2,400-square-foot home claims that it is a "rare find" and also a "likely Frank Lloyd Wright design." The home was built in 1912, which was at the height of Wright’s Prairie School era, but there’s no info out there (at least from some quick Google searching) that shows that it is directly connected to Frank Lloyd Wright. True, there are some long "lost" Wright homes out there that we’re only rediscovering, but Chicago was Wright’s home turf and his work here has been pretty extensively catalogued.

Could it be a long lost Wright? It’s a strong example of Chicago Prairie School, but it’s not quite Wright. Of course, if we’re wrong on this, it would certainly be one of the most exciting architectural stories of the summer. This one can be yours for $849,000.