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Wolf Point South tower will contain 70 stories of office space and residences

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New information regarding phases II and III of the Wolf Point redevelopment has come to light

New details regarding phases II and III of the redevelopment of Chicago’s Wolf Point have come to light. Based on an update from Epstein — who provided master planning and civil engineering services on the ambitious project — the Wolf Point East apartment building will rise 64 stories while Wolf Point South will be a 70-story combination office and residential tower. A link to Epstein’s website was first shared in the Wolf Point discussion on the skyscraperpage forum.

Though a trio of progressively taller skyscrapers has long been the plan for the undeveloped peninsula at the Chicago River’s confluence, the floor count as well as confirmation of Wolf Point South’s programming mix is fresh information. The update effectively puts to rest speculation that the plan would include a hotel component.

While a six floor difference between the East and South towers might seem too little to account for the dramatic difference in building heights illustrated in previous renderings, it’s important to note that not all floor-to-floor heights are created equal. For example, the completed 48-story Wolf Point West apartment tower tops out at 493 feet while the nearby River Point office tower hits the 730-foot mark with 52 floors.

If Wolf Point South’s offices feature a tall lobby and are joined by high-ceilinged luxury condominiums, the planned tower could likely exceed 980 feet to achieve supertall status — especially with the rumored addition of a spire. The apartment high-rise at the east edge of the parcel is reportedly on-track to break ground in the first quarter of 2017. Both future Wolf Point towers are designed by Pelli Clarke Pelli architects.

Update: The post in question has been removed from Epstein's website.

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