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Celebrate Sunday’s opening of new Union Station Transit Center

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One more way to get where you’re going.

In the name of improving connections between trains and buses, a new $41 million transit facility at Union Station on Jackson Boulevard is opening on Sunday. Easing congestion is the name of the game here. Because Chicago Union Station is the third-busiest railroad terminal in the country, over 120,000 commuters pass through during the workweek, which would rank it among the ten busiest airports in the United State.

This project will ease completion of the Loop Link project, which is one of their boldest plans in the last 30 years. It’s also part of the Chicago Union Station Master Plan of 2012, which is a study by Chicago’s Department of Transportation.

As the station enjoys its 91 years in existence, it’s enjoying continued upgrades like Amtrak’s $2 million replacement of the marble staircases, a new lounge, and air conditioning in the Great Hall.